Computer Science 10th Class Guess Paper 2021 | Punjab Board

Here I am sharing the Punjab board’s new guess paper for class 10th Computer Science. You can download here important short questions and long questions have been given chapter-wise.

10th Class Computer Science Important Short Question

  1. Differentiate b/w Problem solving & Problem identification
  2. Steps to be followed to solve a problem
  3. Differentiate b/w Problem analyzing & DocumentationAlgorithm & purpose of refining an algorithm
  4. Differentiate b/w Desk checking & Computer program
  5. Differentiate b/w Coding & programming
  6. Syntax of programming language Debugging
  7. Errors that occur in a computer program Syntax errors
  8. Write causes of logical errors. Why logical error is the most difficult error?
  9. Difference b/w run-time errors & logical errors
  10. Flow charts & its advantages & limitations Compare flow chart & algorithm
  11. Define Basic language. Who & when GW Basic developed?
  12. Important features of BASIC language
  13. How is Basic program saved?
  14. How many modes are there in GW-Basic? / Direct & In-direct mode
  15. What does IDE stand for?
  16. Write the purpose of use of AUTO, MKDIR, DELETE, CLEAR, CLS commands
  17. Differentiate b/w LIST & LLIST commands.
  18. What are variables in GW-Basic?/ Numeric & String variables
  19. What are constants?/ Numeric & String Constant
  20. Differentiate b/w variable & constant Reserved words/ keywords
  21. Define Loop, Write its types & uses.
  22. Control structure & its types
  23. Differentiate b/w selection structure & sequence structure
  24. Describe the conditional &unconditional transfer of control in BASIC?
  25. Write the syntax & use of Go—To statement, ON ERROR GOTO statement, While ….Wend loop, FOR….NEXT loop, NESTED loop
  26. Differentiate b/w GOTO….and ON GOTO statements
  27. Differentiate b/w outer & inner loop
  28. Define Array & write its advantages
  29. Differentiate b/w subscripted variables & non subscripted
  30. Define elements and index of an array

10th Class Computer Science Important Long Question

➢What is problem solving? Write down its steps.
➢ What is analysis? Describe its importance in solving a problem.
➢ What is the design algorithm? What is the next step in design algorithm?
➢ What is desk checking? Describe its importance.
➢ What is debugging? How many types of errors can occur in a program?
➢ What is flowchart? Describe important symbols used for drawing flowchart.
➢ Discuss advantages and limitations of flowchart.
➢ What is BASIC language? Give its purpose. In how many modes, GW-Basic can operate?
➢ Define program. What are fundamental rules of programming?
➢ Define variable. Write the rules for naming variables in BASIC.
➢ What are constants? Describe the types of constants used in GW-Basic?
➢ Write a note on LOAD, KILL command with example.
➢ Differentiate b/w arithmetic operators, relational operators and logical operators. Describe their uses.
➢ Define control structure. How many control structures are available in BASIC?
➢ What is meant by transfer of control?
➢ Explain GOTO statement, ON….GOTO, IF…THEN ELSE, FOR…NEXT statement, WHILE WEND Statement? Explain with examples.
➢ What is NESTED LOOP? Explain the nested FOR—NEXT loop.
➢ What is an array? Define elements and index of an array.
➢ Describe the use of subscript variable in array.
➢ Write a note on DIM statement.
➢ What is two-dimensional array? How can it be declared? Write its syntax and give an example.
➢ What is meant by Manipulation of array?
➢ What is a sub program or a module? Describe its purpose & types.
➢ What are built in or standard functions.
➢ What are user defined functions? Explain with examples? Also describe the DEFFN statement with example.
➢ Define graphics. What is a co-ordinate and how it is determined?
➢ Define IDE in Basic and briefly explain the functionality of its different modes.
➢ What is the purpose of SCREEN statement, COLOR statement, PALATTE statement, CIRCLE statement, DRAW statement in BASIC?
➢ What is meant by Title bar, Menu bar and status bar? How many elements are there?
➢ What is meant by saving a document? Write steps to save a word document.
➢ What are Headers and Footers? How they can be applied to the document?
➢ What is spell checker? How can you run the spell checker in MS-Word?

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