Kinemaster Mod Apk Download Old Version No Watermark 2022

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Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022
Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022

i’ll be doing this tutorial from my
ipad but don’t worry if you’re on
android or you’re on your iphone
it’s going to be the exact same setup
out because it’s on my ipad but that
also means.

i can have a mouse hooked up so you can
see exactly where i’m clicking
so to start we’re just going to click
the plus button over here.

and allow access to all my photos and
here we can change our aspect ratio so
if you’re going to do like an instagram
or like a tick tock you could do that

Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022

16×9 that’s the standards we’re going to
click on that all right now this
looks very scary you see all these
settings and knobs
just don’t worry about them i’ll be.

care about to get started so if it looks
complicated don’t worry
the main area we’re gonna be looking at
is just this little knob here
um that’s all you really have to pay
attention to um and then also
the delete button which we’ll get into

to do is click on media
over here and that’s going to open up
can choose all
i actually have a album called video
editing where i have all the videos
we’re going to be using for this

so what we can do then is just click on
our videos and they’re added right to
the timeline so i’m just going to go
ahead and click on all of them.

there we go and then we can click the
check mark
and then if we want we can use our
finger and we can scroll through

Kinemaster Mod Apk Download 2022

move them around
the easiest way to do it is to take your
fingers and you’re just going to pinch
and it’ll zoom out and then what i do is
i click on the video.

i hold down my finger and i grab the
clip see i have it now
i can actually move it right over there
we go
let go and see now i moved it to the
spine you can do that for any of the
clips you can just click on them
grab them move it over let go and there

there’s two ways you can do this the
first way is you can just grab either
edge of the clip and extend it
and move it just like that otherwise if
you want to be a little.

Pro Mod Apk KineMaster

the way i think is easier is just line
up wherever you want a kit uh clip it
and then you just go over to the
settings here click trim split
and then just click either trim to left
of the playhead.

or trim to right of the playhead so if i
wanted this part removed
i could just click trim to the left i
can scroll over
to the spot where i want it to cut out
at the end
trim to right of play head and there we
go it easily cuts it right at that spot
instead of just trying to use my finger
which could be like.

inaccurate from where i want it to be
now if you do make a mistake and you
just want to reverse an action
over on the side here there’s actually
this button here which reverses any
actions you did
so i can click reverse which will
reverse our trim click it again

Kinemaster use these buttons to reverse mistakes in
case you do something wrong
if you want to delete a clip you can
just click on the video
and then on the sidebar here you’ll see
the delete trash can.

you could just click that and it’ll
delete the clip uh now i’m just gonna
use the back button because i want that
video to stay
in our timeline if you want to crop in
on your video.

uh what you can do is click on your clip
you’re gonna click
on pan and zoom and then
we’re going to do is click this equals
button and what that’s going to do
is technically in pan and zoom you can
make a video.

zoom but if you click this equal button
it’s going to allow you to crop your
video so once you do
that you can just use your fingers on
your screen zoom in to where you want it
to Kinemaster Mod Apk 2022.

crop move it around there we go
and then you can click the check mark
and your video
is cropped in if you want to add
transitions to your video.

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all you got to do is click the plus
button that’s right between both
clips so i’ll click on that and then
they actually have a whole bunch of
different transitions

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