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Telenor quiz Today.

Telenor Answers to Today’s Quiz January 18 2022. My Telenor Application Test Answer in this post. My Telenor app earns free MB. Telenor If you answer the questions 100% correctly, you can win a free Telenor MB.Step-by-step instructions for free.

 Telenor Quiz.

Launch the My Telenor application. Select the “Test Your Skills” button on the right side of the program. Here you will find 5 questions. You need to answer these questions. If you have to answer these 5 questions correctly. then you get 100/50 MB. Telenor Quiz Today 17 January 2022

Telenor Answer Today.

You can find this answer to answer my Telenor interview question. We first updated and published all Telenor questions. Keep coming back for the latest solutions and answers. We always provide valuable information to help you improve your general knowledge. Telenor Quiz Today 18 january 2022

Telenor Quiz today is January 18 2022. The answers to these questions and questions will help you earn 100 MB or 50 MB of Telenor Free Internet. Today Telenor responds to the Quiz.

Daily Telenor Quiz.

This article is written for all your Pakistani brothers. Do you visit our site every day? Here is my daily update telenor telenor telenor daily telenor. Below are all the correct answers, four choices and correct answers. Answer these questions on the Telenor Quiz.

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All Questions Today.

In this post I will tell you about telenor quiz today 18 January 2022 correct answers.

January 18, 2022 Telenor responds to today’s Telenor application test

In which city was Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali born?





Solution: Rampur

Question 2.

Who is now the speaker of the National Assembly in the Punjab province?


Perviaz E.

Asif Z.

Bilval BZ


Answer: Perivaz E.


Sanam Marri is a Pakistani singer and —

rock music

Pop music



Question 4

Who is the first President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan?

Right to enter

I unload



Question 5:

Who was the leader of the Edhi Trust after Abdus Sataar Edhi’s death?


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