University Of Sargodha MA M.Sc Admission 2021

The UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA has announced MA/MSc/M.Com Part-1/Part-II/Composite, 2nd Annual Examination 2020 1st Annual Examination 2021 online admission schedule for those candidates who have already registered with the university in MA/M.Sc/M.Com programs. 

Exam Fee Rates (Single) UOS MA MSc Admission 2021

  • (1)MA Part–I (Registered Fresh / Compartment / Failed as a whole / Marks Improvement);Rs.4350/
  • (2)MA Part–II (Fresh/Compartment / Failed as a whole /Marks Improvement): Rs.4650/
  • (3)MA Composite (Registered Fresh / Compartment in both Parts / Failed as a whole Marks Improvement) Rs.8050/
  • (4)MA Composite (Compartment in one Part only):Rs.4350/
  • (5)MSc Part–I (Registered Fresh / Compartment / Failed as a whole / Marks Improvement):Rs.4650/
  • (6)MSc Part–II (Fresh/Compartment Failed as a Whole / Marks Improvement):Rs.4850/
  • (7)MSc Composite (Registered Fresh/Compartment in both Parts Failed as a Whole/ Marks Improvement) :Rs.8750/
  • (8)MSc Composite (Compartment in one Part only) : Rs.4650/ 
  • (9)M.Com Part–I (Compartment / Failed as a whole / Marks Improvement): Rs.4300/
  • (10)M.Com Part–II (Fresh / Compartment / Failed as a whole / Marks Improvement) :Rs.4500/ 
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